A Scottish and UK Podcast Network

Founded in Glasgow in 2014, Heard Yet Media produce and promote a growing range of podcasts for the on-demand audio market, including The ASMR Podcast and The Columbo Podcast. With the demand for podcasts and other digital content continuing to increase, more and more people expect to find content that is relevant to them and of high quality. Heard Yet looks to identify unserviced audiences and produce the shows & content they are looking for.


Just as on-demand services like Netflix and Sky On Demand have disrupted the traditional television market and found a prominent spot alongside or as an alternative to regularly scheduled programming, so too is on-demand audio set to challenge traditional radio for listeners’ attention.


With cars being fitted with digital audio systems as standard; phones offering podcasts in simpler and more accessible ways; and televisions or home entertainment systems coming with internet access, the number of people with easy, pain-free access to podcasts and other digital media is growing significantly.


Breakout podcast hits like Serial and StartUp have helped to normalise podcast listening among people who had never previously considered it and statistics show that once listeners begin to tune in to podcasts, they generally increase their consumption over time.


As a Scottish, UK-based podcast network we are both looking to develop our own content and attract a range of other shows to join up. If you think your show would be a fit for Heard Yet use our submissions page to let us know about it.