You will probably be best acquainted with Heard Yet Media through our podcasts, such as The Columbo Podcast and The Jonathan Creek Podcast, but there is more to us than that. Of course we work hard hosting, producing and promoting our own podcasts, but we don’t want to keep the benefits of our knowledge and experience to ourselves:


Audio Production

The first step in creating a podcast is having a good idea. Taking that idea and turning it into a show can be as straightforward as recording yourself talking into a computer, but at Heard Yet we believe that the better your audio quality, the greater your potential audience. We work to ensure that none of our shows are difficult to listen to, because putting listeners off before they give you a chance is the last thing you want to do.



Taking a show from there and turning it into something that’s publicly available, visible to its target audience and able to gain listeners is a tricky process, particularly if you’ve never done it before. Getting a website up and running; claiming, launching and running social media accounts; managing feeds; booking guests; working with advertisers and maximising visibility in iTunes are all critical steps. Heard Yet have a streamlined process that makes this work as simple as it can be, so you can focus on your show without worrying.



If you just need advice or want to tap into our knowledge, we’re happy to chat. For something a little more hands-on we’re happy to come to an arrangement. Drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.


Work with us

If you think your show belongs on our network; we can help make your idea happen; or there is some other way we can work together then we want to hear from you. Use our submissions page to get in touch and set the ball rolling.